Re: [announce] utmps-

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2018 19:01:45 +0000

>So, I noticed the package includes example OpenRC service scripts
>(wow!) for utmps-utmpd and utmps-wtmpd. Probably not the kind of
>testing you hoped for, but for the sake of correctness: they won't
>work :-P

  On the contrary, that's exactly the kind of testing I appreciate. :)
I've managed to do some decent testing of the code itself, and seems to be working as intended. But, as you've noticed, the
OpenRC scripts don't get as much coverage. :P

  Note that even on distributions using OpenRC, I tend to start utmps
under a s6 supervision tree: since utmps depends on s6 anyway (for
s6-ipcserver) unless the distro provides an alternative Unix domain
super-server, there's no drawback in taking full advantage of s6's
supervision capabilities.

> The arguments supplied to the program named in the assignment
>to 'command' must go in an assignment to variable 'command_args', and
>in these particular examples, the end of options marker ("--") before
>s6-ipcserver's arguments interacts badly with OpenRC's mechanism for
>invoking start-stop-daemon: arguments stored in variable
>'start_stop_daemon_args', including -b, end up getting passed to
>s6-ipcserver instead, and the script hangs waiting for this program to

  Blah. start-stop-daemon must die anyway. What's that people said
to me? "The problem with s6 is the unintuitive interface"? Yeah
buddy, at least it understands what a Unix command line is. >.>

>Also, as an improvement, the script doesn't need to assume directory
>/run/utmps exists: it can check that using OpenRC's 'checkpath'
>command, and create it with the correct owner and mode if it does not
>exist, just like service utmps-prepare does in the s6-rc examples (is
>its definition directory wrongly named 'sutmp-prepare'?).

  Thanks, that's a useful idiom.
  And yes, the package was originally named "sutmp" and I was rightly
told it was a confusing name. So I renamed everything, but forgot that
definition directory. Fixed now.

>Patch at the end of the message with those changes, plus some
>additional ones for better readability.

  Applied, modulo gmail wrapping long lines and messing up your patch.

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