Re: s6-envuidgid: Weird errors with GNU libc's getgrent() and endgrent()

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2019 15:16:52 -0300

El dom., 2 jun. 2019 a las 5:53, Laurent Bercot escribió:
> So I'd advise reporting the bug to the glibc maintainers.

By the way, Gentoo's toolchain maintainers agreed, so this became
upstream bug #24696. A fix, currently in its 8th iteration after
several rounds of reviews, is in preparation, so it will eventually be
commited to the repository. Hopefully :)

Meanwhile, I also discovered why I didn't have any problems with
Gentoo's packaging of version 2.27, and did with version 2.29. It
turns out Gentoo did supply an nsswitch.conf file, but it was buried
inside the archive that contained Gentoo's patchset, so one had to
extract all files to discover it. This file said:

group: compat files

So there was no 'db' service configured for the group database, and
the endgrent() bug, which Gentoo maintainers traced back to at least
GNU libc 2.26, was not exposed. As of version 2.28, this file was no
longer supplied with the patchset, and upstream's example one was
installed instead.

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