Porting skalibs to GNU Hurd

From: Shengjing Zhu <zhsj_at_debian.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 00:36:53 +0800


Not sure if you're interested in porting skalibs(and other projects)
to GNU Hurd[1].
Recently I tried building skalibs on Debian/Hurd[2], with some dirty

With using `CPPFLAGS += -D_GNU_SOURCE -DPATH_MAX=4096`,
skalibs builds on Hurd, execline works fine. (Though I failed to run s6.)

Here are the problems of skalibs:

1. In src/include/skalibs/nonposix.h,

#if defined(__linux__) || defined(__GLIBC__)

 /* GNU: most extensions are unavailable unless you enable _GNU_SOURCE.
    Some Linux interfaces are also unavailable without it. */

#ifndef _GNU_SOURCE
#define _GNU_SOURCE

The if condition seems not working. Of course it's not __linux__, but I am
using glibc.

_GNU_SOURCE doesn't work

2. No PATH_MAX macro


> If there is no upper limit on the length of a path(as its the case for GNU),
> this symbol is not defined in any header file

If you want to test Debian/Hurd, download the Qemu image from [3], then start
it with:

qemu-system-i386 -m 1g -accel kvm -cpu host -nic user,hostfwd=tcp: \

(The username is demo, no password, so you can't ssh first time...)

[1] https://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/
[2] https://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/
[3] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/current-hurd-i386/debian-hurd.img.tar.xz

Shengjing Zhu

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