Re: Porting skalibs to GNU Hurd

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 20:07:31 -0300

El mié., 16 oct. 2019 a las 14:02, Laurent Bercot escribió:
> >1. In src/include/skalibs/nonposix.h,
> >
> >#if defined(__linux__) || defined(__GLIBC__)
> >The if condition seems not working. Of course it's not __linux__, but I am
> >using glibc.
> Ah, yes, __GLIBC__ is only defined in features.h, you're right.

If compiler predefined macros like __linux__ or __NetBSD__ are OK for
<skalibs/nonposix.h>, how about #if defined(__linux__) ||
defined(__GNU__)? GCC predefines both __GNU__ and __gnu_hurd__ (I
think, can be checked with 'cpp -dM - </dev/null') when compiling for
the Hurd, and I suppose no other compiler targets that OS...

> >2. No PATH_MAX macro
> >
> What I can promise is to fix every issue that you might
> get with -DPATH_MAX=4096. And remove the dependencies on PATH_MAX that
> can be removed painlessly. How does that sound?

Do you mean doing something like:

#ifndef PATH_MAX
#define PATH_MAX 4096

or removing references to PATH_MAX altogether?

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