Re: False positive in skalibs system feature test

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 21:41:31 +0000

  Excellent analysis, as always. :) Thank you.

>* If GNU libc is used, a 'choose cl' test is unreliable.
>* GNU/Hurd and GNU/k*BSD would be 'getrandom: no' OSes, at least until
>the libc is updated to make a system call on GNU/kFreeBSD [1]
>* A 'choose clr' test would be reliable.
>* Any other alternative (passing an LDFLAGS that produces a build
>failure, overriding the result of tests, or whatever) kind of implies
>knowledge about what the outcome of the detection is going to be,
>anyway, doesn't it? It's not really a detection.

  - I will temporarily make it a 'choose clr' test.
  - However, I think this is a misdesign in the glibc, that accomplishes
nothing else than break autodetection. As such, it should be reported
to the glibc team.
  - Either this misdesign breaks autoconf too, or autoconf has a way of
working around it. (Or nobody ever tests for getrandom(), but I doubt
it - some configure scripts test for strcmp(), so, yeah.)
  - I have no time to take care of the real issue for at least a week.
Could anyone please:
    * investigate how autoconf deals with it?
    * report the thing to libc-alpha?

  Thanks in advance,

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