Re: s6-tlsd immediately sending EOF during TLS handshake

From: ilaia <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 21:09:47 +0000

(Apologies, I accidentally replied directly to Laurent instead of the
mailing list, and only just noticed.)

> Did you build s6-networking against bearssl or libressl, and which
> version are you using?

Sorry, should have mentioned that. libressl, v3.0.2, as provided by Void

> Can you please do a "strace -vf -s 256" of your command line, and
> pastebin it somewhere? that would help pinpoint where the segfault is
> happening and what led to it. Thanks!

(Oh, also:

> On an unrelated note, your server command line should end with something
> like "cat" instead of "exit 0" if you want to test that it echoes what
> the client is sending. :)

(I appreciate the comment, but I was *specifically* just looking for
what happened during the handshake, so I wasn't really concerned about
what the forked-off program was doing.)

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