From: Guillermo <gdiazhartusch_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 17:30:32 -0300


Currently, the s6-linux-init-runleveld service is an s6-sudod process
invoked with options -0, -1 and -2. Therefore, if the scripts/runlevel
script prints messages to its standard output, they are lost, because
it is redirected to /dev/null. So it can't do that. And messages
printed to its standard error go to the catch-all logger, which may or
may not display them on the console, depending on configuration.

However, the only thing that triggers execution of scripts/runlevel is
the s6-linux-init-telinit program, right? I expect that in most cases
it would be run manually by the administrator from an interactive
shell. So wouldn't it be better to drop the -0, -1 and -2 options, so
that the script's messages go to s6-linux-init-telinit's standard file
descriptors, i.e. display on the controlling terminal of the
administrator's shell in most cases? Woulnd't it be better to drop the
-e option from s6-linux-telinit's s6-sudo invocation, so that the
script can have access to s6-linux-init-telinit's environment, if
written to do so?

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