Re: s6-svwait not reaping zombies?

From: Daniel Griscom <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 17:52:40 -0400

So, I should raise this as a Github s6-overlay issue?


Laurent Bercot wrote on 7/21/21 5:27 PM:
>> I'm using ubuntu:20.04 as a container using s6-overlay amd64 version
>>, which I believe has the latest s6. All runs on an Ubuntu
>> 18.04 system. It looks like s6-svscan sends SIGINT or SIGTERM to the
>> processes, and then uses s6-svwait to wait for the processes to exit,
>> but the zombie processes are never reaped.
>  Hi Daniel,
>  I'm actually not the maintainer of s6-overlay: John is. I think the
> correct place to describe your issue is GitHub where s6-overlay is
> hosted.
>  I am aware that there is a race condition problem with zombies in the
> shutdown sequence of s6-overlay. This is not the first time it occurs
> (at some point broken kernels were also causing similar troubles, but
> this is probably not what is happening here).
>  For instance, I know that the line at
> is incorrect: s6-svwait cannot run correctly when the supervision tree
> has been torn down, which is the case in init-stage3. This is why the
> s6-svwait programs are waiting until they time out: even though the
> services they're waiting for are down, they're never triggered because
> the associated s6-supervise processes, which perform the triggers, are
> already dead.
>  Unfortunately, fixing this requires a significant rewrite of the
> s6-overlay shutdown sequence. I have started working on this, but it has
> been preempted by another project, and will likely not come out before
> 2022. I'm sorry; I would like to provide the correct shutdown sequence
> you're looking for (and that is entirely possible to achieve with s6)
> but as is, we have to make do with the current sequence.
>  A tweak I would try is replacing the whole foreground block at lines
> 48-55 with the following: (without a foreground block)
> backtick -D 3000 -n S6_SERVICES_GRACETIME { printcontenv
> wait -t ${S6_SERVICES_GRACETIME} { }
>  This makes it so init-stage3 simply waits for all processes to die
> before continuing, instead of waiting for a trigger that will never come.
> It is not a long-term solution though, because having for instance a
> shell on your container will make the "wait" command block until it
> times out; but it may be helpful for your situation.
>  Please open a GitHub issue to discuss this.
> --
>  Laurent

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