Re: service directory on NFS-mounted filesystem

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:15:22 +0100

> Hey, Laurent. This is definitely a valid point, but my intent was not
> to use the service directory to control runsv processes on multiple
> machines. Network availability of the filesystem would mostly be for
> access to the logs and uptime when transferring the service to a new
> host.

  I would honestly advise you to store your logs outside of the
service directory. svlogd - as well as s6-log and multilog - can
maintain a rotated log directory anywhere: you can have a dedicated
partition for your logs, and it can even be a NFS mount if you insist.

  Logs and config are very different kinds of data with very different
needs. If you want to store your logs remotely, you can do so, but
remotely storing local config data is just asking for trouble.

> I'm mostly just curious about the technical considerations of storing
> named pipes on NFS, assuming they are still only being used on a single
> machine.

  I've always equated that kind of thing to the technical considerations
of standing atop the Eiffel Tower during a thunderstorm, or entering the
NSA offices in full traditional Saudi attire, or using systemd, i.e.
"to be safe, just don't do that".

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