variables in the run script

From: Subba Rao <>
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2013 20:12:06 +0200

I have a run script that has an infinite loop performing some cleanup
functions, system monitoring functions etc. Once the tasks in one loop
cycle are completed, I want the loop in "run" script to sleep for some
random #hours before starting a new loop cycle. I have been trying to
use the $RANDOM in bash for the sleep time.

while :
     slp=$(( $RANDOM % 14 + 22)) /* Any number from 22 to 36 */
     zzz="${slp}h" /* Append "h" for hours */
     echo $zzz >> ./log.txt /* echo $zzz to log file */
     sleep $zzz /* sleep for $slp hours */

The problem is this script works fine when I test it in my home
directory. When I put the code into "run" script, there is no value for
$slp or $zzz.

Can the "run" script have some bash code in it with some logic required
for the service? How can I fix/implement this solution?

Thank you in advance.


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