Re: s6-svwait: fatal: unable to ftrigr_startf: No such file or directory

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:19:05 +0000

  Hi Vallo,

  Thanks for the bug-report. It is indeed an oversight on my part, and an
interesting question: where should internal executables go when you want
to install them somewhere but do not want to make them globally accessible ?
slashpackage makes that easy: just don't export the command. FHS is different;
IIRC, /usr/libexec/$package_name is the traditional location for those binaries.

  But on the other hand, I also want people to be able to run s6-ftrigrd as a
local service, so the best solution is probably the simplest, i.e. export the
binary. My advice would be, just patch package/command.exported before compiling,
so that it includes a s6-ftrigrd line. I will update package/command.exported in
the next release.

  Note that the exact same problem will happen with skadnsd in the s6-dns package,
if you're also packaging it, and since it makes sense to run skadnsd as a local
service (even more so than s6-ftrigrd), the solution is to export that binary too.

  I will definitely add /usr/libexec support at some point, but for now, exporting
the binaries is a quick fix that is not even too ugly.

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