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From: Asif Iqbal <>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 21:43:15 -0400

I created a symlink /etc/init.d/tac_plus to /usr/bin/sv on precise 64bit.

It works just like LSB style as the man page for sv says.

Is there a way to display the all the optional commands like
like the regular init scripts shows?

So instead of

   # /etc/init.d/tac_plus
   usage: tac_plus [-w sec] command

may be like below?

# /etc/init.d/tacacs_plus.orig
Usage: /etc/init.d/tacacs_plus

I am guessing I will need to use a regular lsb_style script instead and
and feed the sv commands inside those case blocks?


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