Re: B/LFS-s6 Project

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 09:41:16 +0100

On 24/06/2014 09:03, Vincent de RIBOU wrote:
> Can you summarize your feeling against systemd.

  It's not a question of feelings, it's a question of technical
merit. You can find various arguments for, or against, systemd
out there, and I very much do not wish to import *that* discussion
into this mailing-list; you can find plenty of it in other places.

  The technical arguments against systemd are very well summed up
by Rich Felker here:
  Less technical, more political, but still valid, arguments, are
summed up here:
  For equity:

  Now please, let me repeat that I do not want discussion about
systemd to happen here. It's a subject that people easily get
passionate and emotionally involved about, which is a good thing
- it shows that there's a real, important issue, that needs to
be solved - but it's really hard to keep a level-headed, civil
and constructive discussion. Most systemd threads out there turn
into flamefests after a few posts (if that), involve very little
technical knowledge, and are basically a waste of time.

  We want to provide a real, usable alternative. Our goal is not
to stand against systemd, but to have a clean, well-designed,
lighter and less monolithic init system so users have a choice.
systemd is not our focus; discussing systemd takes us away from
our focus. If you (not specifically Vincent, but anyone on the
mailing-list) feel the need to argue that systemd solves world
hunger and we don't need anything else, please take it off the
mailing-list. If you feel the need to argue that systemd is a
horrible pile of crap, my heart is with you, but please also take
it off the mailing-list.

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