Runit work we've been up to.

From: James Powell <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 23:21:55 +0000

Even though our work with s6 is on hold at the moment, I wanted to take some time to let you all know that we've been working on our Runit-for-LFS implementation, and we've hit several milestones worth mentioning.

1. We've solved our long-running Stage 3 shutdown issue with drives not being properly dismounted.

2. We've reduced overhead of re-copying many init scripts for basic command executions for Stage 1 down to simple commands in Stage 1 and Stage 3.

3. We've developed a full FHS installation method.

4. All currently available scripts are working properly (all scripts are available from our topic on the LinuxQuestions forums here: and are free software.

5. And lastly, we've succeeded in several test phases to determine the longevity of a new init system, and have determined Runit passes all our current criteria, and now we need help redeploying it out for other distributions.

The only question I have left is for Gerrit Pape and that is if Runit is still under any level of development upstream even if maintenance only, and are there any outstanding issues still in need of attention.

- Jim

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