RE: Is runit not being maintained?

From: James Powell <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 14:31:41 +0000

S6 is one of several in-development projects focusing on service supervision, but s6 is currently the only init ready solution with service supervision. It's basically, more or less, an advanced or expanded Runit.

Currently the solution does however require a lot of work to implement, and is better suited to private solutions and developmental and experimental systems, but the software can be classed as stable.

Runit is, at this time, is more suitable as a solution for mass deployment for a public generalized distribution. VoidLinux (though unmaintained) was a prime example of a working Runit based distribution. Until a working distribution can be developed with s6 as the driving force behind it, and be reduplicatable, Runit is a good alternative, and that really what s6 and Runit are about, providing alternatives.

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> Subject: Re: Is runit not being maintained?
> Hello Laurent,
> > If you're looking for a similar alternative that is being actively
> > developed and enhanced, I can suggest s6 - I intend to keep working on
> > it for the foreseeable future, and it's currently undergoing a major
> > packaging overhaul so it will be easier to install and access.
> I will read about s6. Thanks for pointing it out and for your efforts
> towards it.
> With best wishes,
> Joe
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