From: Alex Efros <powerman_at_powerman.name>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:01:22 +0300


Is anyone here run ejabberd with runit?
Can you please share your service and log setup?

I was able to correctly (I hope) start ejabberd as a service, but
I'm unable to configure it to send logs to svlogd. Usual workaround with
using fifo in place of log files doesn't work because AFAIK Erlang doesn't
support writing to fifo files.

If anyone interested, here is my ./run for ejabberd. I had to use standard
tool ejabberdctl because it's way too complex to be safely replaced by
small custom command (I don't like to support it each time they'll add
another dozen of global ENV vars or new params). At same time ejabberdctl
doesn't configurable enough to run ejabberd in foreground without many
side effects (they call it "live" mode) - so I had to monkey-patch it. :-/

# cat ./run
exec &>/dev/null
set start
source <( sed 's/ -detached//' $(which ejabberdctl) )
chpst -u jabber killall epmd

# cat ./control/t
ejabberdctl stop
exit 0

			WBR, Alex.
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