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From: James Powell <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 01:26:52 +0000

The runit-for-lfs (Linux From Scratch) project, listed on the Runit homepage, has a good number of scripts we've developed. We're still in need of adding other scripts to the mix as needed via request, so if you guys need scripts for your own project, we have a number of them that extend a bit further than those supplied on the Runit website as well.

ejabberd services could be started as such. Here's a method you could use that I've deduced from the documentation to create an ejabberd service:

mkdir -pv /etc/sv/ejabberd/log
cat > /etc/sv/ejabberd/run << "EOF"
exec 2>&1
exec ejabberdctl start
cat > /etc/sv/ejabberd/finish << "EOF"
exec ejabberdctl stop
cat > /etc/sv/ejabberd/log/run << "EOF"
if [ -d /var/log/ejabber ]; then
    mkdir -p /var/log/ejabber
exec svlogd -tt /var/log/ejabberd

You'll need to create a run and finish script along with a logging handler as well.

This doesn't use chpst, but it could with some effort. This is more of a "get it working" script.

Project Leader/Co-Founder of Runit-for-LFS

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> Subject: Re: ejabberd
> Hi!
> On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 07:29:39PM -0400, Charlie Brady wrote:
> > > Is there are any reliable enough tool which able to read from log file and
> > > write into fifo, taking in account log file rotation, remembering current
> > > position in log file and continue from that position after that tool's
> > > restart (if log file is still the same, of course)?
> >
> > That's a strange request. What problem are you trying to solve?
> I want ejabberd logs to be processed by svlogd.
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> WBR, Alex.
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