About the nosh package

From: Casper Ti. Vector <caspervector_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 02:41:30 +0800

Hello list. As some of you possibly know, there is one another sysvinit
replacement, which is indeed quite competent - the nosh package [1].

[1] <http://homepage.ntlworld.com/

I consider everyone in this list more of an expert than me in init and
supervision, so I only list the most interesting highlights (which is
not a replacement for reading of [1]):

* Designed similar to daemontools/runit/s6, but with a full service and
  system management mechanism built around the core.
* Some interfaces provided quite isomorphic to systemd, while minimizing
  coupling and complexity (I do not consider these two concepts to be
  identical, so listing both here).
* Provides nosh, a DSL similar to execline, but even simpler.
* Written in C++ (OMG)...

Of course the author of nosh has a view of system design which is quite
different from that embodied in s6; however, that's debatable and we all
have the right to reserve our opinions. That said, my point is:

* Different designs can benefit different groups of people, and the
  designers can also benefit from others' designs. This is the value of

* Reference to nosh can be helpful in the design and implementation of
  s6's own init and (if the author kindly wants) service management, at
  least when compared with building things from scratch.

* Some seemingly superfluous functions in nosh can be at least regarded
  beneficial to healthier competition in the ecosystem of init and
  supervision. For example, socket activation is heavily boasted by
  systemd fanboys, and the non-informed mass practically probably regard
  it as an advantage no matter whether it's actually good or not.
  Therefore, implementing it (carefully, minimising bloats, and making
  it optional) will at least help decrease this kind of arguments
  against it. With sufficiently many people actually using nosh, time
  will finally tell them whether those boasted functions are worthy.

Finally, thank you all for your hard work. Long live the diversity of
Linux and other Unix-like systems:)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the developers of nosh, but
seriously concerned about the Linux ecosystem going in an undesirable
direction in current "init war".

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