another distro using runit...

From: John Albietz <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 10:52:05 -0700

another distro using runit:
"runit as native init system and systemd supported optionally."

Thanks for your hard work!

I've also made it the default init system for my Airstack base docker

I've tried to condense/reduce the runit functionality into simple service
definition json file:

Would love to hear any comments you have on the json format.

Re: runit, a few things I've run into:
- I haven't found a way to lower the default wait time on init start from
the current default 1 second. Also not sure if there's a way to lower the
runsvdir service poll timer below 1 second?
- With nearly all of my services, I create enable scripts that check for,
and if necessary set up directories and perhaps even default passwords or
databases. And I haven't found an elegant way yet to integrate this into
runit. I think it would be useful to separate out a command for 'enable'
that would run successfully only once for a service. Or I guess I can
create some idempotent test that runs before each service run command. But
that doesn't seem as elegant. Unit already has a concept of a 'check' file
and a 'finish' file. What do you think about adding support for a 'enable',
'start' or 'pre' file that only gets run on service start?

- John
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