Re: service dependency examples?

From: Joan Picanyol i Puig <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 10:31:11 +0100

* Wayne Marshall <> [20141103 17:10]:
> Would someone kindly provide a real-world example of a service
> dependency? That is, some service "foo" that critically depends on
> another service "bar", and that satisfies either or both of the
> following conditions:
> c1: service "foo" MUST NOT be started, or be attempted to be started,
> until service "bar" is running, lest something undesirable happens.
> c2: service "foo" MUST be terminated whenever service "bar" stops
> running, lest something undesirable happens.

Whenever foo behaves undesirably if bar is unavailable by assuming a
default response.

Think lookup failures, like qmail bouncing mail if an LDAP server is
down and the system ens up confusing "don't know if there's such user"
with "no such user".

You can argue whether this is a "critical dependency", a foo
"bugfeature" or a system misconfiguration, but it'd sure be nice to have
a system level workaround.

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