Re: s6 and friends 2.0

From: toki clover <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 21:56:46 +0100


First, I was just interested in fixing the path and removed the hardcoded
in the configure files and then I ended up by wanting to clean up and
the Makefile as well.

And then I was overwhelmed by the number of files... nearly 700 files
counting the headers files, the package seems to be quite gigantic with 6
library subdirectories... Why this package is so big? And why combine all
the 6 sub-library together?

Well, the result ( is _just_ 200KB here, so it's not that

I've took a look at the numerous installed header files, and it seems many
them could merged together (because many define a very few handfull of
symbols) to get something less confusing.

So, here is my first attempt patch to simply the build. I don't know if I
something but having those `exec' command in makefile are not that
and I did not encounter those in other makefiles (even in the gigantic ones
auto generated by automake and friends.) So, I filtered them out.

Second, noticable thing is the build prerequisites in the installation
rules which
should be separated from the installation rules to avoid useless mess. It
I was always getting a few unnecessary rebuilds no matter what happened.

And of course that long `deps.mak' list... but I gave up there.

So, after cleaned up execline configure/Makefile (this will come in the
next response),
I went back to seriously clean up the Makefil, but I could not finish if
because of a
stupid error. And now I am too tired to keep up going... too bad. I am
the file anyway.

NOTE: Darn, reached the mail size limit. So, repost without the files.
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