Using runit-init on debian/Jessie in place of sysvinit/systemd

From: Luke Diamand <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2015 23:39:07 +0000


I've started trying to follow the instructions on getting Debian to use
runit as init, on Jessie.

I think I've finally got it going, with most of the old /etc/init.d/
scripts just run from /etc/runit/1, but autofs, ypbind and sshd being
run as services.

Quite a few things seem to be subtly (but trivially) wrong in the
instructions to get this going, so although it's actually quite
straightforward now I've worked out what I'm doing, it took a lot longer
than I expected.

For example, the service directory in the instructions is /service, but
debian now uses /etc/service (OK....), but the example [123] scripts
shipped in /usr/share/doc still use /service, and at least in my case,
having a symlink in /service resulted in weird error messages which went
away once I fixed this.

Are there any plans to create a debian package that would just put all
the bits in the right place, so you can simply install the package and
have it then use runit-init as /sbin/init ?

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