Re: Using runit-init on debian/Jessie in place of sysvinit/systemd

From: toki clover <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2015 11:53:32 +0100

2015-01-02 11:25 GMT+01:00 Steve Litt <>:

> runit->OpenRC was pretty easy for me to do in the OpenRC edition of
> Manjaro. Put:
> /usr/bin/openrc sysinit
> /usr/bin/openrc boot
> /usr/bin/openrc default
> in /etc/runit/1
> And of course, you need to have runit manage your ttys because OpenRC
> can't respawn.
> As I remember (I later switched to pure runit and didn't document the
> hybrid extensively), you need to jump through some mild hoops if you
> want it to shut down elegantly, but it worked just fine without the
> elegance.
Lets not waste too much time on unecessary arguments...

What are talking about?! Did ever take a look on my first and reference
You're just exposing part of the problem on your supposedly answer of my

Either, you're doing this on purpose or you just want to invalidate my
completely without valid arguments.

And you seem to not even know what you're talking about... So, OpenRC
cant boot elegantly your system with three short commands stuffed in stage
1... but cannot shutdown a system in same maner?! What the hell...

A simple and elegant solution is to have `RUNLEVEL=6 rc reboot' to reboot
or `RUNLEVEL=0 rc shutdown' in your last line of stage 3. You just need
to take care of shutting down supervised service beforehand.

So, this is not elegant enough for you?

And you're just occulting the problem of stuffing stage 1 without those 3 rc
commands. Suppose a service in boot or default run level hangs with
a bud `sed' command? You have to disconnect power or hold the power
button to shutdown. And this can happen in various init scripts that make
use of sed `sed'. Just a mistake here and the system is unbootable. If
anything was prepared for this predicable scenario (a liveCD or something)


That thread has an easy/understandable point of this along with solution
to elegantly boot with runit+OpenRC.

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