Re: [PATCH 0/4] Add info on why process is down to statusfile

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 23:52:19 +0100

On 19/01/2015 21:55, Olivier Brunel wrote:
> Side question: I see you haven't added support of the file "ready" into
> s6-svstat, any reason?

  I hesitated, then decided against it, but that's not a strong decision.

  The argument was that s6-svstat shows the state of the service as it is
seen by s6-supervise, i.e. purely the process up/down state. Introducing
the notion of readiness into it would change things. For instance,
s6-svstat currently prints the number of seconds that the process has
been up; users may be more interested in knowing want the number of
seconds that the process has been ready, and that needs storing another
timestamp. The supervise/ready file could be used for that, but I'm
not comfortable enough yet with tightly integrating readiness into the
whole series of tools. In the beginning, I thought I could get away
with s6-notifywhenup only, but it appears that modifications are
spreading across several binaries - I need time to convince myself that
it's not gratuitous feature creep and the utility is worth the increase
in complexity. I'm paranoid like that.

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