s6, musl and ENOENT

From: Gorka Lertxundi <glertxundi_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 09:50:37 -0800 (PST)

Hi guys,

I'm having trouble getting timestamped data into logs because s6-logs fails when using option -t. I tested against musl and standard libc and it seems to be a problem of musl. I am sending to this list and not to the musl's, because I don't know the root of the problem (musl call).

s6/skalibs versions:

Problem comes from here:
s6/src/s6-log.c                   -  1184: int r = tain_now_g() ;
skalibs/src/include/skalibs/tai.h -   101: #define tain_now_g() tain_now(&STAMP)
src/libstddjb/tain_now.c          -    26: int tain_now (tain_t *a) ( SKALIBS_FLAG_USEMON)
                                       44: int tain_now (tain_t *a) (!SKALIBS_FLAG_USEMON)

If someone wants to try it easily a dockerized version of s6 compiled statically using musl is here (https://github.com/glerchundi/container-base):

$> docker run -ti quay.io/glerchundi/base:0.1.1 /bin/bash
[ root_at_3881cc2b809e :) ] /
#> echo "hei" | s6-log $HOME && echo "$HOME/current content:" && cat $HOME/current
/root/current content:
[ root_at_3881cc2b809e :) ] /
#> echo "hei" | s6-log -t $HOME && echo "$HOME/current content:" && cat $HOME/current
s6-log: warning: unable to read current time - timestamps may be wrong for a while: No such file or directory
/root/current content:

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