[announce] skalibs-, execline-, s6-

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 18:22:04 +0100


  * skalibs- is out. (Needed for the s6 release.)
  Mostly bugfixes, and some additions for siovec management.
  The "major" number has been bumped because some functions
(buffer_getvall, buffer_putvall) changed interfaces.


  * execline- is out. (Needed for the s6 release.)
  Bugfix release (ifthenelse wasn't working properly).
  Also, a -D option has been added to backtick, to have a
default value in case the called program fails.


  * s6- is out.
  - Access control for listing has been added to s6-fdholderd.
  - s6-log has been overhauled.
    * The -t and -e options have been deprecated, as well as the "e"
directive (which is now called "2"). They still work, but s6-log
prints a warning message to stderr when it encounters them; and they
will disappear in a future version.
    * New "t" and "T" directives have been added for timestamping.
"T" prints ISO 8601 stamps, for those who insist on it.
    * A new "1" directive allows logging to stdout. This is useful,
for instance, if a service signals readiness via a precise log line:
selecting that log line and piping it to a listening program on
stdout (that then writes a 'U' event to the service's fifodir) gives
more options for readiness notification support.
    * The script now lives in the stack, not the heap. This is mostly
an artistic change, but if stars align correctly, it may save you a
page of RAM.


  Bug-reports welcome as always.

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