Re: [NEWS/ANNOUNCE] Supervision Scripts Framework

From: toki clover <>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 11:45:31 +0100

Minor correction: "I took another directory" should be "I took another
easy enough...

Second NOTE:

Daemontools[-encore], Runit and S6 backends are supported.

There were a daemontools[-encore] Init-Statge-2 in the early days...
it does not make any sense to have it since daemontools[-encore] was not
to be a replacement for SysVinit. So, removed. Still, daemontools[-encore]
be pretty much used as a supervision backend (using the init script
written for OpenRC portability in mind! So, no guaranteed support with a
LSB like functions or library full of bashisms. I've seen a few of those
horrible init
scripts... written by RH developers. CGRED comes to mind here. God, save the
init script system from RH(/NSA) hands--well, it's only SystemD on their's.
Tahnks God;-)
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