[ANNOUNCE] Supervsion Scripts Framework r26

From: toki clover <tokiclover_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 22:14:55 +0100

Hello Fellow Supervision Users,

I've just released r24 the other day unvoluntarly and so decided to make
last minute checks before removing or not the tag. Well, last checks with a
a complet reboot were fine, everything seems to work properly as intended.

There is actually much to... I noticed first that the supervisor main
lacked CGroup support because of order of helper cal, be it. And then...
I decided to migrate some key services--like *sshd*--to supervision, this is
where some easy and not so easy issues came up like a suden blow of wind.

First big one was lacking of services dependencies since r20,--since the
beggining of proper service deps,--but this was for the better because a
not so easy issue lied underneath it--the syntax was right but... there were
something not right obviously.

And then a race like bugs hunt started because I was confident to have
tested everything--yet not everything together with post r20 features.

So released r25 just after a few hours after r24 with a full reboot test

Not yet the end of it... I've just encountered that one-restart-per-second
failed service which was the driving force of hunting bugs because the first
virtual console was flooded with failure messages.

And this is where I decided to add that restart failed services limit to
such flooding and... r26 then which became necessary because of a breakage
of svc_down() in r24 which is a key helper on starting service dependencies.

That's all about it with a tiny r26 which introduced the first API
bits--use an efficient set_env() used by set_env_sv{,c}() (public API.)

Enjoy esay supervision.


Service dependencies is *hard*... to do, still getting the *soft* part for
r26 just grew to be too big in order to get a *hard* dependency variant.
It seems *too* hard because of the races everywhere... Actually, *supervise*
command should be used instead *svc*... and get the racy part of it as well.

Just reading the debug log of a service with dependency reveal dozens of
invocation to svc_remove... whch is now removed thanks to the new
automatic restart limit.

I am calling a day because I don't see any way to get *hard* style deps.

Complete release note[1].

[1]: https://github.com/tokiclover/supervision-scripts/releases/tag/26
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