Re: anopa: init system/service manager built around s6

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 01:50:16 +0200

  Wow! Congratulations for such an important piece of work.

  This is actually pretty embarrassing for me, and I guess I only
have myself to blame: I'm too secretive, and if people are going
to use s6 as a foundation to build more tools - which is definitely
a good thing - then I should embrace it and be more open about my

  The thing is, I'm currently working on the exact same project:
an init system and service manager. I call it s6-rc, and I intend
to make it a part of some future release of s6. I got the design
down, as well as parts of the code, but a lot remains to be written.

  And you really overtook me on the spot here. So, well done.

  Still, I believe the design work I did on s6-rc is valid, and
AFAICT addresses some things that anopa does not (and vice-versa, of

  So, shall we join forces ? Shall I present the s6-rc design, and see
if there are things we can put in common, and where to go from here ?

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