s6 + Docker init feedback

From: Aristomenis Pikeas <pikeas_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 12:56:17 -0700

Hi all,

I wrote the list a bit ago with some questions regarding the differences between anopa, s6-overlay, and the like. The overwhelming response was that for use inside containers, s6-overlay is the way to go.

Having looked at the project, it does a bit more than I need it to. I've attempted to pull out all of the unnecessary (IMO) bits - fixing attributes, the catch-all logging to file, etc. For use in a container, I'm pretty sure the only things needed/wanted are:

- Ability to run services only, or services + given command.
- Respect TERM/KILL, gracefully shutting things down and cleaning up.
- Log everything to stdout/stderr.

s6-overlay already did these things, so my hope is that removing the other bits has left these core features intact. Execution flow in execlineb scripts is pretty hard for me to follow, so I'm hoping you guys can keep me honest: https://github.com/pikeas/s6-docker <https://github.com/pikeas/s6-docker> . The scripts total <70 LOC.

Feedback appreciated - do this stage1 (init)/stage2 (init-2)/stage3 (finish) work? Have I broken anything, and is anything missing?

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