Re: Thoughts on "First Class Services"

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 20:34:01 +0200

On 28/04/2015 19:31, Steve Litt wrote:
> You know it's a shame that neither daemontools, nor as far as I know
> runit, allows you to declare the order services cycle in.

  Dependency management is not the job of a supervision suite. It is
the job of a service manager that runs on top of a supervision suite.

  anopa does exactly that:

  On the skaware mailing-list, I have started a design discussion about
my upcoming s6-rc software, that has the same goals: having a unified
service manager handling both long-running services and one-shot
initialization scripts with correct dependency handling. The original
post and subsequent thread can be read here:

  I didn't start the thread on the supervision mailing-list because,
stricto sensu, it's not about supervision - and I kinda want to dive
into implementation details, so I felt it belonged to skaware more.
  But I'm interested in feedback from users and writers of service
managers and dependency managers. I'm interested in your experience
with OpenRC and how the s6-rc mechanism would compare to it, Steve.
I'm also interested in Avery's experience with dependency handling.

  If a lot of people would like to participate but don't want to
subscribe to the skaware mailing-list, I'll move the thread here.

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