Re: supervision-scripts, 2015-04

From: toki clover <>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 12:34:36 +0200

2015-05-05 15:58 GMT+02:00 Avery Payne <>:

> [...]
> + I need to think through a kernel-neutral method of handling driver
> loading. There are a handful of services that require this to succesfully
> launch. For example, cpufreqd requires kernel modules to load first, but
> this is linux-specific. Does FreeBSD have any requirements like this? Or
> are these services so tied to the kernel platform that it doesn't really
> matter? (i.e. cpufreqd won't run on FreeBSD so there is no concern about
> incompatible module loading)
> + Re-think instance support. Attempting to encode a sane default isn't
> possible because the naming conventions aren't consistent, so the systems
> administrator needs to intervene. For example, there are a number of
> services that want to listen to "a specific network adaptor". Compounding
> this problem is that the device names of network adaptors not only changes
> between kernels (think FreeBSD device names vs. Linux device names), but
> also in the same kernel as well (due to systemd's new "network device
> names").
> + I need to wrestle with the new crop of init-startup-oriented projects,
> as well as existing ones. I've read over some of anopa and even
> runit-for-lfs, but I haven't had time to really digest all of the designs,
> and the init for s6 hasn't even been released - yet. While
> supervision-scripts is not meant to provide startup/shutdown support, it is
> meant to wedge into these environments and work within them, so having a
> passing knowledge of them is essential. I've also wanted to interject a
> few thoughts and notes on "towards a universal startup/shutdown".
> [...]

Well then... you're touching service management monster, or iceberg if you
Middle point would require proper service instance *and* virtual service
so to speak, proper service dependencies support because the former won't be
useful otherwise.

And *this* goes back to your previous point because set/clean up (shell)
or functions support is essential without needing to write... everything
again--in a
service management perspective.

Maybe you will find, *later*, some noticeable amount of times to... spend
on the
init-system monster, or iceberg if you like.

Good luck!

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