nosh version 1.16

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2015 01:02:56 +0100

nosh is now up to version 1.16


As you'll see, the WWW pages have expanded a bit. In part this is
because of the Big News, which is the arrival of FreeBSD packages,
bringing FreeBSD up to par with Debian. The old box down the right-hand
side of the page was starting to make the thing look lop-sided. (-:


More big news on the package front is the reorganization into a main
"bundles" package and a group of "-run" packages. Lesser news is the
addition of packages for enabling/running various further groups of

Comparatively small news are things like the change to the output of
"system-control status" and "service-status", which now uses long form
that displays more information. "svstat" retains its 1 line short form,
however. There's also a "system-control cat" command, for dumping out
service bundle configuration files. The new "emergency-login" fills the
gap where FreeBSD lacks a "sulogin" (because it's hardwired into the old
"init" and thus unusable separately), and also means that there's no
need to rely upon the old System 5 utilities/Linux utilities for
"sulogin" on Linux.

There is also a new roadmap WWW page. The Nosh Guide has also gained
several new pages dealing with logging and the import of external stuff.
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