nosh on GNU/Linux: missing <sys/event.h>

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2015 23:03:28 -0300


I tried to build nosh 1.16 from source code [1]. But some programs
fail to compile, complaining about a missing header, <sys/event.h>.
Which is true: there's no event.h file on /usr/include/sys, or
anywhere else on my system. Since nosh is supposed to build and run at
least on Debian 7, there must be some software package that provides
it for GNU/Linux, which nosh's webpage doesn't seem to mention. After
some Internet search, and noticing the small reference to "the kqueue
mechanism" on nosh's webpage, I ask: would the software package needed
to build nosh on GNU/Linux be libkqueue [2]?

Also, the redo thingy nosh wants to be built with seems to get stuck
in an loop, endlessly trying to compile those programs and failing. I
ended up killing the package/compile script with a CTRL+C.


- no, I don't use Debian, so the binary packages are not an option :)

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