Re: What interrupt does Ctrl+Alt+Delete send PID1?

From: Steve Litt <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 08:44:00 -0400

On Fri, 12 Jun 2015 11:31:44 +0200
Laurent Bercot <> wrote:

> On 12/06/2015 02:54, Steve Litt wrote:
> > * Whole thing running in a VirtualBox VM
> Ah, I'm not sure how all this plays with virtualization. VirtualBox
> looks like a full virtualizer with a separate kernel for the guest,
> so it probably makes no difference, but if your guest kernel is also
> your host kernel and it's container-based virtualization, then pid 1
> rules may change completely. I'm not familiar enough with virtualized
> systems or containers to know exactly what happens in that case.
> > By the way, my Plop Linux boots up such
> > that /proc/sys/kernel/ctrl-alt-del has value 1. Changing it to 0
> > doesn't enable the three finger salute to run /bin/rc.shutdown
> > reboot.
> Well, your host system will definitely catch the 3 finger salute; it
> won't be sent as is to your guest system. Is there a way for the VM to
> send an emulated ctrl-alt-del press to the guest ?

Thanks Laurent,

It looks like once I fully document my VM setup, I'll need to do the
thing on bare metal. Fortunately I have an experimental machine in the
next room. I'll let you know the results --- probably in about a week
from now.



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