Re: Describing daemontools in 300 words?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 04:35:09 +0200

On 13/06/2015 03:19, Steve Litt wrote:
> When I tried S6 about 8
> months ago (and I knew a lot less then), I was unable to get it
> installed and running.

  I already asked, and will ask again: please try it again. Since the
last time you tried, there has been in particular:
  - the Christmas 2014 update, which has simplified installation a lot;
the goal was precisely to make the software more accessible.
  - which I asked you to
give me your opinion about but you never replied.

> How would you describe the process manager (not init)
> daemontools-encore, to a technical person, in 300 words.

  The first part of ,
"Process supervision / Concept", is more than 300 words, probably
about 500 or 600, but it's more verbose than it needs to be, and
I think it answers your question pretty well. The rest of the
section is s6-specific, but if you remove the s6- prefixes from the
command names, it can apply to daemontools as well.

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