Re: comparison

From: Colin Booth <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 21:00:36 -0700

I only know s6 and runit well enough to comment on for the most part but
filling in some blanks on your matrix:

Daemontools is public domain, freedt is the OpenBSD license (which doesn't
appear to currently exist according to the OpenBSD licensing page). I'd
treat it like the ISC license. Daemontools-encore is pretty ISC-like as

s6 builds with musl and should build with any libc. Ditto runit.

s6 has a handful of example scripts that can be used as part of a simple
system setup or as templates.

Runit and s6 both have a svscanboot analog though at least in the case of
s6 it's buried in the examples directories. In runit's case you just use
the stage2 script. Both nominally exec into the real supervisor root,
though in s6's case it also shuffles around some file descriptors in order
to use a real logger and to guarantee that no logs get lost.

'sv status $dir > /dev/null' is clunky but functionally equivalent to svok.

I'm assuming by launcher you mean run script language. AFAIK all
supervisors can use scripts in any language as long as they are named "run"
and are executable, though why anyone would use a script written in python
or perl (for example) as a run script I don't know.

runsvdir does readproctitle-style self-renaming. s6-svscan runs an instance
of s6-log to handle all catch-all logging.

runit has svlogd as a multilog analog though the logging script is written

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