Towards a clearinghouse

From: Avery Payne <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 15:06:06 -0700

On Jun 16, 2015 2:39 PM, "Steve Litt" <> wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:12:48 -0700
> Avery Payne <> wrote:
> >
> > In my not very humble opinion, we really need a single point of
> > reference, driven by the community, shared and sharable, and publicly
> > visible. I could envision something like a single website which
> > would collect settings and store them, and if you needed settings, it
> > would build all of the envdir files and download them in one giant
> > dollop, probably a tarball. Unpack the tarball and all of the envdir
> > settings are there, waiting to be used. You could even be "fancy"
> > and track option flags through various daemon revisions, so that if
> > you have an older service running, you tell it "I have older version
> > x.y.z" and you get the "correct" flags and not the "current" ones.
> I must be too cynical. I see that after the above described collection,
> website, and envdirs (does that mean service directories) is somewhat
> operational, a well funded "Open Source" vendor will flood it with
> wheelbarrows of cash and a parade of developers, and that nice, simple
> collection and web app becomes unfathomable (and has a 20K word terms
> and conditions).

I think this concept could be made to fly on a shoestring budget. While
part of me enjoys the illusion of "build it and they will come" the more
rational part of me is well aware that it will probably see less than 1,000
hits a month, 98% from crawlers updating their cache.

With regard to the perinnial issue of "buckets of money sway and manipulate
projects" the answer is simple, Don't Do That (tm) and it will be fine.
This would be a community project with public visibility, and any vendor
attempts to strong-arm it would be spotted fairly quickly.

We need to set the cadence and tempo here and I think having a central
resource would help. I'm about this close > < to buying a cheap domain
name and then putting it up myself. Except I know zero about website
design and anything I put up would be ugly.

I'm going to give it some more thought. I can't promise anything beyond
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