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From: James Powell <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 16:28:40 -0700

You really do have to cater to get a foothold in the door any more.

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From: Laurent Bercot<>
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On 16/06/2015 22:32, post-sysv wrote:
> Soon systemd arrives with its promise of being a unified userspace
> toolkit that systems developers can supposedly just plug in and
> integrate without hassle to get X, Y and Z advantages. No more
> writing initscripts, no more setting policy because systemd will do
> as much as it can for you. A lazy package maintainer's dream,
> ostensibly.
> Everyone hops on the bandwagon and there you are. Now we get to hear
> about how systemd solves so many long-standing problems with the
> distributions, but I can't shake the feeling that many of them were
> self-inflicted through indifference and/or incompetence.

  I think you nailed it exactly. Inertia is the most potent force in
the universe.
  Basically, to get supervision suites - or anything else - adopted by
distributions, the only necessary thing is to do all their work for

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