Re: runit maintenance - Re: patch: sv check should wait when svrun is not ready

From: Lasse Kliemann <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 12:58:10 +0200

Gerrit Pape <> writes:

> First is moving away from slashpackage. Doing it similar to what
> Laurant does in his current projects sounds good to me, but I didn't
> look into details. This even might include moving away from the djblib
> (Public Domain files from daemontools included in runit) to skalibs.

Sorry to interrupt. Why moving away from slashpackage?

As far as I see, Laurent's build system is a super-set up slashpackage

I think the whole idea of "registered namespaces for software packages"
is a good idea and should be supported. There are of course different
ways of implementing it.

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