Re: A general sequence of events for init

From: post-sysv <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 21:42:40 -0400

FWIW, finit is an active example of a minimal, plugin-based init(8).

That said, of course this can exist. Plenty of PID1 replacements that
are largely agnostic of everything you listed. Handling stages 1 and 3
may need some additions to conditional logic, however. Introducing
shared objects in this would be overkill though, unless you're using the
word "plugin" to mean a script using a common interface.

On 06/22/2015 06:01 PM, Avery Payne wrote:
> I have this crazy dream. I dream that, for supervision-styled
> frameworks, there will be a unified init sequence.
> * It will not matter what supervision framework you use. All of them
> will start properly after the init sequence completes.
> * It will not matter how sophisticated your supervision is. It is
> independent of the features that are provided by the framework.
> * It will not matter if you only have process supervision, or if you
> have something that manages system state fully. They are independent
> of the init start-up/shutdown.
> * It will be scripted in a minimal fashion. Each stage of the init
> would be a "plugin" called by a "master script". The plugins would be
> straight-forward, so you could debug it easily.
> * It will not matter if you are on Linux or *BSD anymore; the proper
> low-level initialization will take place. All that would happen is a
> different plugin would be called.
> * It would have a system-specific plugin for handling emergencies, so
> if the init fails, you drop into a shell, or reboot, or hang, or do
> whatever it is your heart desires.
> I'm really trying to figure out why this can't exist. What am I
> missing (beyond the shutdown portion)? I know there will be the whole
> BSD rc-scripts / SysV rc-scripts / OpenRC debate, I'm trying to avoid
> any of those. I've used BSD-styled scripts years ago on Slackware,
> and have dealth with SysV's crufty stuff recently. I haven't tried
> OpenRC yet.
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