anopa 0.2.0

From: Olivier Brunel <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 19:58:59 +0200

Hey there,

So with the (still) recent release of s6 and the few changes it
introduced (mainly how the ready time is now stored inside the s6 status
file), it was time for a new release of anopa.

Besides the obvious compatibility changes needed and a few bug fixes,
this also sees aa-stop working as it should, i.e. if A needs B then
stopping B will first stop A, then B.
Nope, this wasn't done yet, but now it is.

A few commands (start/stop/status/enable) now support both reading
service names to process from stdin, and can also simply list service
names via --dry-list (-n)
So e.g. to know which services will be started when starting foo,
`aa-start -n foo` will do the trick. A second -n will list all services
that needs to be up, whether or not they'd be started (i.e. including
ones already up).

aa-status add a --filter to only list oneshot/longrun, and/or
up/down/failed services. And aa-enable now has a --upgrade option to
update the servicedir of a live service.
Also a few changes in how listdirs are used, to make things easier.

More details (including some renaming of short options) in the HISTORY
file, or the git log of course.

As usual, tarball is here[1], source code on github[2].


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