Re: Hello world and couple of questions

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2015 20:05:08 +0200

  The only useful things in the excerpt you quoted are:
  - the initial setsid() (which can be achieved via a call to
s6-setsid in the stage 1 script)
  - setlogin("root"), which is FreeBSD-specific
  - the devfs test, if you want things to work even when /dev
is not mounted yet. In which case you also, I guess, have to
reopen /dev/console; but that could just as well be done in
the stage 1 script, as s6-linux-init does on Linux.

> Original init also
> handles failures, parses bootloader defined variables and invocation parameters,
> does single user mode and lot more, So this is really just dumb hack.

  I don't think it's a dumb hack. I find it very interesting to understand
exactly what an init is doing; and you are actually pioneering a potential
future s6-freebsd-init package. :)

> FreeBSD has it's own rc.d framework and I am still learning how it works.
> Unfortunately some tasks need to be done before supervisor spins-up

  Why ? Does the rc system need specific hooks with the FreeBSD init
program ?
  Because if it doesn't, then it's perfectly ok to get s6-svscan running
first, and do *all* your rc stuff in stage 2. There's no reason why it
can't work.
  With runit, all your one-time initialization has to be done in stage 1,
because stage 2 is only about the long-running processes. But with s6,
if you are following the s6-linux-init model, then you can actually do
the one-time initialization in stage 2, when s6-svscan is already running.

> I see so this is clang issue. Well I have yet to learn ktrace, so I am putting
> this on hold until I get some time to study it. I hope I will get some chance to
> get these dumps correctly later this week.

  I'll try some experiments there too, thanks for the report.
  Hope to hear from you soon !

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