supervision-scripts 2015-08

From: Avery Payne <>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2015 11:42:38 -0700

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+ New definitions: clamd, cpufreqd.

+ Definitions are now versioned. The ./envdir directory is now a
symlink to another directory that contains the proper definitions for a
given version of software. This solves a long standing problem of
"version 1 is different from version 2, so using the wrong definition
breaks deployment", is minimally intrusive, only requires one additional
symlink and directory in the definition's directory, allows for
deployment on older systems (with older daemons), doesn't conflict with
anything that I am aware of (at the moment), and keeps with the
"filesystem is the database" concept.

+ Cleaned up some old references to /sv that should be /svcdef

+ Revised documentation. Many concepts are being cleaned up and
reorganized, including integration into state management systems like
anopa and s6-rc.

In Progress:
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+ Renaming some of the internal environment variables to be SIG* instead
of CMD* to better reflect their nature.

+ Create a test environment with various supervisors on it. The idea is
to have a minimal image with several boot options; each boot option
brings up some combination of supervision + state management, i.e.
OpenRC + (something), runit, s6 + s6-rc, etc. So I would select an
option and boot...and see the results.

+ More definitions. I've noticed that I've reduced the flow of new
entries to a trickle since I have had other commitments. I need to make
more; the project is nearly at a standstill but a lot of work is still
needed. At a minimum, one definition a week should be obtainable;
ideally, I would like 4 a week. To the few people who have been
watching, yes, the project continues, no, it isn't dead.

To Do:
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