Re: [ale] systemd talk from July has slide deck online now

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 15:43:42 -0300

2015-09-09 0:58 GMT-03:00 post-sysv:
> OpenRC, since 0.16, *does* in fact support s6 integration:

Heh, but the s6-svc interface change in version now breaks it.
However, a simple patch to OpenRC's code changing the 's6-svc -Dd'
invocations to 's6-svc -dwd' can fix it, until upstream notices and
makes the necessary changes.

But leaving that small detail aside:

2015-09-09 4:50 GMT-03:00 James Powell:
> That support does launch s6, granted, but what I'm getting at is this:
> Use OpenRC to launch each individual service with a wrapped s6 service script using a sort of stacked
> runlevel schema. Each service launches against s6, but rather than be controlled strictly by s6, it's controlled
> through OpenRC with the exception of the supervisor which can restart a failed service using s6 while still
> maintaining control through OpenRC.

I'm not sure if this is a question or not, but unless I am not
understanding you correctly, then yes, that last part is more or less
what OpenRC's "integration with s6" feature does. It's not just
launching s6-svscan, you can use OpenRC's dependency and ordering
constraint specification support with services supervised by s6, just
like with any other service. Provided you did write the init script as
specified by OpenRC's documentation.

2015-09-08 22:22 GMT-03:00 Colin Booth:
> As it stands, nosh is playing in the same space as upstart, launchd,
> and systemd.

If you don't look too closely, you could also say nosh without the
userspace terminal and login services stuff more or less covers the
same ground as s6, s6-rc and a small subset of execline.

If someone does want to look closely, this page is now a lot more
complete than last time I checked (or as I remembered it being):

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