Re: nosh

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 16:35:55 +0100

Colin Booth:
> I mean't more in the "one stop low-level system management" sense.
> Also in the design of the nosh unit files (which may be a case of
> parallel evolution, my knowledge of the history of nosh is limited at
> best). Pholosophicaly it's definitely coming from the daemontools world.

Yes, and they aren't really "nosh unit files". The native mechanism for
nosh is the service bundle, comprising supervise/ subdirectory, service/
subdirectory, and various others. The systemd unit file is something
that can easily be turned into a service bundle. It's not parallel
evolution. It's simple recognition that the world is handing around
systemd unit files with its softwares, and providing an easy migration
path for that.

There's no reason, in principle, that someone couldn't come along and
write a tool that parsed a launchd plist and made a native nosh service
bundle. Translate <key>EnvironmentVariables</key> into setenv;
<key>SoftResourceLimits</key> into softlimit; and so forth.
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