Re: Trying s6-rc in a VM

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 15:12:14 +0200

On 25/09/2015 09:53, John O'Meara wrote:

  That's awesome!

  The reason why the catch-all logger keeps exiting is that
/service/uncaught-logs/fifo is a regular file instead of a named
pipe. So, if your 9p filesystem allows it, there should be a
/etc/s6-stage1/uncaught-logs/fifo named pipe; or if it does not,
there should be a "mkfifo /service/uncaught-logs/fifo" at some
point in /sbin/stage1 before you redirect anything to it.

(I didn't wait until the rotation failed as you mentioned, but
I'm interested in knowing the exact error message when it fails.
"Protocol error" indicates something seriously fishy, but there's
no obvious place in the s6-log code where it could happen, so I
definitely want to know more.)

  I'm surprised that the getty doesn't print the "DEBUG" name
you give it with your -H option. Is that a bug in the VM?

  You have a weird /bin/-p file, probably coming from your image.

  Note that the busybox implementation of ps doesn't support a
tree display as the procps implementation does ("f"), but
s6-ps does ("-H"). I usually have a "pps" alias that performs
"s6-ps -H -o user,pid,vsize,rss,tty,s,start,cttime,args | less"
which allows me to see exactly what's going on.

  Thanks a lot, John, that's really neat!

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