anopa 0.3.0

From: Olivier Brunel <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 19:25:25 +0100

Hey there,

Quick note to announce the release of anopa 0.3.0, with a few changes
related to how loggers are handled, amongst other things.

That is, */log servicedirs are processed as regular servicedirs (by
aa-enable), supporting dependencies and such. Additionally, any longrun
with a logger will have a dependency ("needs") on said logger

Before, they were autostarted by s6-svscan (no down file was set) and
expected to always be up. They're now processed as usual, so starting
foobar will first need to start foobar/log as expected.

aa-status has more filters to deal with them properly. By default
they're still not listed, but you can use "all" to include them, "log"
to only list them, or "logged" to list longruns + loggers.

Speaking of aa-status, it now sorts services by name by default, with
options to sort them by timestamp and/or in reverse (or not at all).

Other notable change is how aa-enable will create "supervise" folders
w/ perms 0711 - This allows to read the s6 status file even as a user,
the file itself being world-readble. Allows e.g. proper/full use of
aa-status as a user. One can use --no-supervise to disable it.

A new helper aa-command was also added, to help start commands in a
clean environment and w/ logged output.

A few other changes & fixes as well, see HISTORY or the git log for

Note that build requirement was bumped to skalibs

As usual, tarball is here[1], source code on github[2].


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