nosh version 1.23

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:50:04 +0000

The nosh package is now up to version 1.23 .


There is one major item in this release.

* I've adjusted console-fb-realizer's keyboard handling on BSD to use
USB directly.

There are a few more minor changes.

* I've upgraded the version of clang++ that is used to build the binary
packages to 3.8.0. This should have no visible effect whatsoever. (-:
* The handling of the DECDA2 control sequence by
console-terminal-emulator now copes with what vim sends. (What vim
sends isn't what my DEC VT tests had been checking.)
* convert-systemd-units now inserts uses of the ionice and chrt
chain-loading commands on Linux into the generated service bundles.

Mostly this is a clearing the decks release in the hope that I will be
able to do some more work on the remaining few FreeBSD conversions
before the new year.

USB keyboard support

The keyboard handling is a change to using the USB HID devices
(/dev/uhid*) on FreeBSD in preference to (but not forcibly instead of)
the ATA keyboard protocol. In part this is in order to handle the
"consumer" keys that USB has. In part this is in order to handle the
extra keys that one finds on 106-key, 107-key, and 109-key keyboards and
on some numeric keypads (such as the ABNT2 thousands-separator key). In
part it's to remove an extra layer of the user-space virtual terminal
system that can be outwith the kernel. In part it's to match the USB
mouse capability from version 1.22 of the toolset.

Please note that the structure of kbdmap files has changed slightly, to
accomodate mappings for "consumer" keys, to reposition the entries for
some of the 106/107/109-key keyboards' extra keys, and to cover all of
the function key gymnastics that vim can accept. The
/etc/system-control/convert/ system should automatically re-convert your
VT kbd files into the new format.As part of this, I've moved the mapping
for the Euro symbol in the fallback U.K. layout (as generated on Linux
in the absence of VT kbd files). It used to be level 3 shift on the
[eE] key in prior versions of the toolset. Almost all real U.K.
keyboards nowadays have it engraved as level 3 shift on the [4$] key,
and that's where it now is.

Also note that I'm still working on this. There might be further
changes in 1.24. I've found a U.K. keyboard with two [#~] keys (at A00
and C12), and I need to check out whether this actually employs what I
had thought to be an error in the USB HID usage tables (distinct usages
for "\|" and "Europe1") and had corrected, or whether this is a quite
mad keyboard that simply has two "Europe1" keys (or two "\|" keys).
Also, I've ordered an ABNT2 and a Japanese USB keyboard, and hope to do
some testing with them, which may prompt further tweaks. (I really
wanted to buy a Leadership 4530 keyboard. They seem to be out of stock
in a lot of places.)
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