How to compile nosh?

From: fREW Schmidt <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 11:57:50 -0800

Nosh only has binaries compiled for 64 bit and my linode is sadly
still 32 bit. So I'm trying to build nosh for 32 bit, but I'm running
into trouble.

First off, there's no README or anything, so I sorta have to guess.

I tried running source/ and got an error about about
redo-ifchange not existing. Ok, I vaguely remember this make
replacement called redo, so I go to install that and ofc I now need to
compile that because there are only 64 bit binaries for that too.

I tried building redo, but running source/compile, but then got errors
about no ./cxx or ./cxxflags. I made ./cxx a symlink to g++ but I
have no idea what to put in cxxflags. Again there's no README for

I really like the vision of nosh, but these kinds of issues add enough
friction that I am likely to reconsider using it. s6 is also not
packaged for debian/ubuntu, but at least it uses more typical tools,
like make, for compilation, as well as including a README and not
being packaged as a tarbomb (more than one top level subdir in the
fREW Schmidt
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